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Whether it's a short break or a year, a single employee, or a whole team, we have a suitable solution for you.


there for your employees.


able to take care of their comfort, their needs, their wishes.


here for you, and assist you in putting it all together.

HOMY provides housing solutions for your company's business guests in Israel.

By using our Inn House team and system, we maintain the highest standards, offer uncompromising service, and operate hundreds of apartments in prime locations all over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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We put your employees first

They are our customers

We will provide them with around-the-clock support

They are our guests

 We will give them a homely and uncompromising hosting experience

They are our friends

 We will take them to the most recommended places in Israel

Our Clients

Why our Apartments are Just for Your Company

Business customers receive preferential terms

  • Business price list and adjusted payment terms
  • Option to rent several apartments in the same building at a discounted price
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Cleaning services at a reduced cost

In addition to all of these, we provide a personal portfolio manager who is in charge of all matters pertaining to the housing of your employees and who works closely with all of the professional departments at TLV2GO, including customer service, maintenance, finance, and legal.

Flexibility and personalized service

We are attentive to the changing needs of your company as well as of our guests.

Our rental contract includes flexible cancellation terms, the ability to make changes during the rental period, and payment terms tailored to businesses. There is no need for an annual commitment. You can get a rental contract for a week, two weeks, a month, several months, a year, or any other time period you require, and you can even change it if necessary.

Furthermore, our adaptability allows for changing arrival and departure times as well as special adjustments on request – a required work environment, changing bed positions, adding facilities based on special needs, and more.

Become part of the community

Our apartment buildings are located in the most desirable locations in central residential neighborhoods, and are close to everything that locals value and desire – cafes, the beach, tree-lined boulevards, markets, culture, restaurants, shops, and accessible transportation.

Hassle-free relocation

We’ve saved you the hassle of dealing with lawyers, realtors and interior designers. There’s no need to buy any furniture or equipment, and you won’t have to deal with transportation, unloading, or assembly, or contact with maintenance personnel. Our apartments are fully furnished and equipped, so your employees can arrive with only a suitcase and begin (or continue) living in them as if they had never left their homes. Our maintenance team handles any malfunctions quickly and professionally, and guests are completely relieved of dealing with apartment-related issues. They don’t even have to be present in the apartment during maintenance or troubleshooting.

A variety of apartments - from studios to five rooms

We understand that there are many different types of guests and needs, which is why we offer a variety of apartment types that can be tailored to the needs of both your employees and the company. There are studio apartments, two-, three-, four-, and even five-room apartments available in our buildings. We have large and small apartments, apartments with balconies, garden apartments, and even penthouse apartments of the highest caliber, as well as an apartment with a heated pool.

We offer apartments with a city view, apartments near the sea, apartments in the city center or apartments in the old north, apartments near Tel Aviv’s Rothschild, Gordon, or Ben Gurion streets, as well as apartments in other locations, apartments in residential areas or near the market. Our apartments are spread out across different areas, each with its own distinct personality, but they all share a high level of finish, easy access to public transportation, and provide a comfortable, tranquil, and enjoyable stay.

For production, tech and infrastructure companies,
as well as for relocation

Sending employees to work in Israel? If you are sending them to work on projects that will last several weeks, months, a year, or even longer, they will most likely prefer to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel. Employees frequently bring their families and seek the comfort and atmosphere of a home, which impersonal hotel rooms cannot provide.

Relocating someone to Israel? Keep in mind that relocation is a temporary but ongoing process that involves a lot of logistics. Finding a suitable apartment in a foreign country for a fixed period, the extensive bureaucracy required, and the move itself are some of the complex challenges. This is where we come in – there is no need to keep looking, negotiate a lease, purchase furniture, and transfer bills. It’s all on us.

Sending a film production team? The state of Israel (and particularly the city of Tel Aviv) is well-known for its attractive filming locations. Crews from major production companies, such as Netflix’s production team and actors, have already stayed here for this purpose. You can rent the apartments and house your crew members who come here to work on an ongoing film project, or rent an entire building and house crew members next door to each other. Furthermore, these chic apartments are frequently used as a backdrop for fashion shoots or TV shows.

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