Congratulations! Your Happiest Day has Arrived

Mazal Tov!
Book A Bridal Pack

Your happiest day is coming soon and we will be happy to take part in it, with us at HOMY you will find the perfect place to get organized for a wedding. A photogenic location in the center of Tel Aviv, on the sea with everything a bride and groom need to make this day truly unforgettable.

2-Night Pack


Day 1 – Check In at 14:00, You’ll spend the night-before

Day 2 – A Full getting-ready day, and a 2nd special night

Day 3 – Check Out at 11:00



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1-Night Pack

Day 1 – Check In at 14:00, You’ll spend the night before

Day 2 – A Full relaxed getting-ready day, Depart straight to your event

Check Out 16:30 (Day of Wedding)

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Wedding Day Pack

Arrival at the morning of your wedding with Friends/Family

You’ll be spending the day at an amazing Apartment really close to the sea, we’ll love to help and spoil you!

(Adjustments can be made in coordination with us)

Check In at: 08:30

Check Out: 16:30 (No Night’s stay)

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Shooting Day Pack

Looking for a unique Location?

Daily Shooting/Production days options available

The Apartments are equipped and furnished, leave us your contact info for more details

Check in: 14:00 (Adjustments can be made)

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Benefits of Wedding Pack: